Shimmering Ukulele Instrumentals Book

 Multi-part pieces for groups 

 Original music by Yolanda van den Bemd 

I am so happy to finally have my book out.

It has been a wonderful project full of rich learning, synchronicities and joy.

This book of multi-part ukulele instrumentals has been written over the last few years with a love for and an enjoyment of playing music in a group. 

Suitable for beginner to intermediate players, the pieces are arranged in order of difficulty, gradually increasing in complexity.

There are twenty pieces in total. 

Within each piece, a range of playing skills are catered for. 

All pieces have either three or four ukulele parts.

These parts layer up as the piece progresses. 

All pieces have optional guitar and/or glockenspiel parts, located at the back.

The pieces are written in notation and tab.

They can be played by any size of ukulele group. 

All pieces can be interpreted and adapted in accordance with your own ideas

and the following are some you could try: 

- Have several ukuleles play each part when you have lots of players 
- With a small number of ukuleles, leave out one or two parts 
- Have different parts come in at different times or at the same time 
- Choose alternative instruments for the glockenspiel parts eg. flute, recorder, violin, marimba, harp, keyboard, piano etc.. 
- Add your own percussion

You can also use the three highest strings on a guitar on capo 5 to play the music!

I hope you enjoy and have fun with these pieces

as much as I enjoyed creating them. 

Yolanda x


"Congratulations Yolanda this is a magical selection of original pieces. I am so pleased I came to the launch and bought the book (+ digital copy and mp3's)  A welcome addition to any ukulele teachers treasure chest. Well done. Ukulele Union and Auckland Ukulele Orchestra can't wait to start playing them."                Avon, ukulele teacher, on the Facebook page of NZ Ukulele Network. 

"With no expectations on the experience, we found it all most enjoyable, from the perfectly sized and sounding hall venue to the variety of the music so lovingly performed. Certainly our previous conversation around counterpoint and melodic exchanges is at the heart of what you are creating. I loved it. My husband, who has never heard a ukelele un-strummed was amazed at the evocation of blues & jazz (and “a hint of Ottmar Liebert”) usually associated with other instruments."  An appreciative audience member's comments after the book launch concert. 

" I experienced Yolanda's beautiful ukulele music together with my baby granddaughter the other day. I could see that she deeply listened to it and went into a very relaxed but attentive state, it was quite magic. I believe Yolanda's music has a healing aspect to it and can be used in therapeutic settings." Sandesh

Interview with Raglan Community Radio 6 September 2023

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